QA/QC team diagnoses and treats a healthcare facility problem

McCownGordon associates collaborating at the office

After years of seamless operation, Salina Regional Health Center’s Urgent Care Clinic no longer functioned the same. On multiple occasions, the facility had interior water damage. After careful investigation by the hospital’s maintenance team, they discovered water lines had frozen and leaked – but why now after years of non-issues? Perhaps the recent windstorm had lifted the roof and allowed cold air infiltration?

McCownGordon’s Quality Assurance team was engaged to investigate the problem. Using a thermal camera, they inspected where cold air might be slipping in. The Quality Manager identified all locations that were deficient in air control. It was concluded this damage came from straight-line winds the previous summer but there were not any issues with the structure. 

We mobilized a construction superintendent to remove the exterior soffit panels and inspect the current condition of the top of the wall. We determined that adding new fiberglass insulation and an expanding foam insulation cap into the interior space along the exterior wall would minimize cold air infiltration. This six-month-old problem was fixed in less than a day. 

Our team understands that managing buildings can be difficult. As long-term partners, we help building owners solve problems of all scales. McCownGordon can deploy a number of tools and types of technology that reduce investigative demolition, minimize the impact on business operations, and save time and money.