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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

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A Statement From McCownGordon's Leadership Team

Respect and inclusion for all.

Our enduring commitment to integrity and relationships underscores two of our deep-seated core values: to treat all individuals with respect and dignity.

We are dedicated to providing equal opportunities for everyone. Our steadfast focus on diversity and inclusion in Kansas is unwavering because we recognize that diverse thoughts, ideas and perspectives from individuals of different races, genders, beliefs and backgrounds strengthen our company, our community and each of us as individuals.

While there are no simple solutions to this issue, we pledge to collaborate with the community, business leaders and civic leaders to support initiatives that promote peace and equality for all.


McCownGordon Mentor/Protégé Program

The McCownGordon Mentor/Protégé Program enhances the ability of underrepresented trade partners to be competitive in the construction industry.

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Reinforcing our dedication to enhancing the representation of women and minorities has led to heightened participation and a dedication to taking initiative and contributing positively.

We consistently communicate to raise awareness about the importance of diversity and inclusion, involving various community groups and resources to bolster these efforts. Our internal Diversity + Inclusion committee centers on three key pillars: comprehend, incorporate and motivate.

McCownGordon's Veterans BRG on a tour of the VCP.

Currently, five BRGs exist at McCownGordon, along with a Diversity Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Council and a DEI Advisory board, each made up of associates from various roles around the company. The BRGs include Black Heritage, Hispanic/Latinx, Pride, Veterans and Women in Leadership. Others may follow as the business grows.

James Maiden, a McCownGordon Construction associate
John Gregory, a McCownGordon Construction employee
Caleb Skaggs, a McCownGordon Construction employee
McCownGordon Construction recognizes the need for advancement in DEI efforts in the construction industry. The company’s leadership team and associates, strive to build a culture where all people feel accepted, safe and engaged at work. As a member of the LGBTQ+ community, I feel empowered to express my identity and engage with coworkers just like any other associate within the company."

— James Maiden

Senior Communications Specialist

The ultimate goal is to help everyone at MGC feel that this is a safe place to come to, in the office or out in the field, where whatever characteristics beyond your control and choices you have made to define yourself are not weaponized against you.  I would walk away right now if I felt that our culture could not withstand that kind of negativity.  We all work together for the good of McCown Gordon, and we all should be working together for the good of each other and those outside of the MGC bubble too."

— John Gregory

Carpenter Foreman

McCownGordon prioritizes inclusion in the hiring process. They make sure to not just favor candidates that look, and talk like them. It is understood that McCownGordon being more diverse as a company makes us a more progressive and successful company."

— Caleb Skaggs


Two employees in hardhats on site pointing at the project

McCownGordon is committed to respect and inclusion for all associates.

To deliver the best building experience, we strive to build a team of professionals with diverse perspectives and varying life experiences that reflect the communities we serve.

Two McCownGordon associates talking at a computer in Manhattan Kansas

Instilled from our leadership

At McCownGordon, we look at diversity as the people with whom we associate, and inclusion is how we engage them. Diversity alone does not drive inclusion. We know the importance of ensuring that associates speak up and are heard, making it safe to propose ideas, empowering team members to make decisions, and sharing credit for team success.

Minority and Women Business Enterprises

McCownGordon has a proven record of meeting or exceeding MBE/WBE goals on projects. Establishing connections with minority and women business enterprises is founded on shared respect and a dedication to our community.

Our program for diversity and inclusion engagement initiates with project outreach. Ensuring that every trade partner has an equal opportunity to engage in a project is fundamental to achieving our objectives.

The objective of our mentor-protege initiative is to strengthen local minority and women businesses. These businesses often encounter challenges that a more experienced company can assist them in navigating. Our team collaborates with local MBE/WBE contractors, engaging in regular meetings to offer guidance across various business facets, including project management, estimating, accounting and marketing. Through this personalized relationship, our teams have observed the most positive impacts on our trade partners.

Our Culture

McCownGordon associates enhancing culture by hanging out on the patio
Willy leads the Diversity Equity and Inclusion efforts at McCownGordon
diverse mccowngordon cosntruction staff in Kansas city, missouri
Two McCownGordon interns on a jobsite
WIlly Pegues IV diversity and inclusion executive leader in Kansas City, MO