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Leverage collaboration for your value

You should have the opportunity to make decisions on your project’s budget allocation—and understand the benefits and costs of your project as early as possible.

By tracking what is changing, how it is changing and whether those changes were intentional, real-time construction estimates in Kansas keeps projects on track and owners informed at a deep level.

The Estimating team collaborates extensively with your design team throughout the design process, ensuring constant communication with the project owner. Providing updates as frequently as weekly, estimators compare successive 3D models, quantifying and identifying the value associated with changes between them.


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Construction Economic Index Report

In an unpredictable construction market, financial planning for new and renovated facilities poses challenges for project owners. As industry experts, our preconstruction team consistently monitors construction costs, staying attuned to the market for our clients. Our team compiled a thorough, easily understandable economic report.

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Make real-time decisions throughout your project.

You deserve a champion in the construction process

Our extensive preconstruction services, incorporating real-time construction estimates in Kansas, aim to establish us as your advocate throughout the construction process. Live estimating empowers you to comprehensively grasp the advantages and costs associated with your purchase, covering both materials and services. Our objective is to ensure you can assess your options thoroughly before construction commences.

Our clients typically gain 5 percent more value because of the insight our team brings to the table.

We track and monitor all developments

For the entirety of the design process, our estimators collaborate closely with your design team, regularly reviewing updated 3D models, sometimes as frequently as weekly. Through model comparisons, quantifying changes and assigning value, project owners attain unparalleled insight into the plans, enabling them to provide a more profound level of direction across all aspects.

The benefits of double and triple-checking

The multitude of components in any construction project, be it a new build or renovation, poses a challenge for one team to comprehend every facet and impact of each decision. In a school construction project, adding one wall for an extra classroom entails additional considerations like cabinetry, plumbing, doors, windows and more. Our estimators verify this information against the plans, providing the project owner with updated and accurate information in their construction estimates in Kansas.

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