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Delivery Methods

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Construction Contractor in Kansas

There's more than one way to construct a building.

No matter the job, no matter the phase, no matter the approach—our ultimate goal is to deliver the best building experience for our clients. The McCownGordon team offers the expertise and insights you need when choosing among construction delivery methods in Kansas. Once you engage McCownGordon’s services, you’ll see how we bring our core values of integrity, relationships and performance to every project.


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Design-Build (DB)

Our design-build delivery method merges architectural and engineering design services with construction performance, forming a cohesive team under a single contract. Our fully integrated design-build teams guide the process from initial planning sessions to project completion. This approach from a construction contractor in Kansas establishes a unified communication source for the owner, streamlining the entire design and build process. It also provides flexibility in overlapping project phases, resulting in a shortened schedule and enhanced overall value.

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Construction Management at Risk (CMAR)

Construction management at risk (CMAR) centers on partnership and collaboration with the owner across the entire process. Initiating early involvement with McCownGordon guarantees that our management team identifies cost-effective solutions for project challenges while adhering to the design intent and overarching project goals. Serving as your client advocate, the extensive experience of our team significantly mitigates the level of risk on every project.


General Contracting (GC)

McCownGordon offers general contracting services for clients favoring the traditional design-bid-build approach among our construction delivery methods in Kansas. Employing a handpicked and seasoned set of pre-qualified trade partners in the bidding process enables us to uphold our renowned standards of project excellence. Rely on us to guide the path to a successful project through our quality control, safety initiatives and value engineering.


Public-Private Partnerships (p3)

In the construction of new community facilities, funding delays are common. A trusted construction contractor in Kansas establishing a mutually advantageous collaboration between a public entity and a private developer, offering an alternative financing option, has become increasingly prevalent. Whether undertaking national projects for the federal government or assisting local municipalities in enhancing community amenities, our team of experts can guide you through this process from the outset.

Integrated project delivery (IPD)

Shared risks and rewards characterize integrated project delivery, fostering maximum collaboration. Positioned at the forefront of construction delivery methods, this distinctive partnership among clients, the design team, construction managers and trade partners establishes unparalleled communication and consensus.

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Engineering, Procurement & Construction Services (EPC)

In the manufacturing sector, our engineering, procurement, and construction services (EPC) frequently serve as the preferred delivery solution for clients undertaking new construction, expansion or renovation projects. EPC services are advantageous for project owners with smaller teams lacking the purchasing power of global companies. Functioning as a turnkey integrator, our team orchestrates the design and equipment procurement in addition to overseeing the startup and commissioning of both equipment and the facility. McCownGordon utilizes our industry expertise and resources to achieve superior outcomes.

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Choosing the right delivery method drives success and is unique for every project.

Here’s an analysis and comparison of construction delivery methods.

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Download our Delivery Methods Analysis & Comparison Guide to gain a better understanding of each delivery method and find out which one can provide a better ROI and promote better stewardship for your project. Download our quick guide!