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Virtual Design and Construction

Virtual Design and Construction in Kansas

Success Powered by Technology

Our inventive methodology empowers owners, architects, engineers and trade partners to arrive at the most knowledgeable choices, ensuring project success with virtual design and construction in Kansas.

A McCownGordon Construction associate pointing to plans on a screen while in a meeting

The construction process can be daunting. That’s why you need a company that listens to you and respects your priorities.

At McCownGordon, we employ cutting-edge digital tools to communicate and enhance value across the complete project duration.

Our experts in virtual design and construction (VDC) in Kansas coordinate 3D model clash detection, virtual mockups, existing building laser scanning and so much more. Throughout the entire project timeline, our cutting-edge digital tools enhance value by diminishing costs, time and waste, concurrently enhancing efficiency and quality. Our VDC team can accelerate the process, enabling clients to achieve time and cost savings.


A McCownGordon Construction associate pointing at plans on a screen during a meeting in the office

Leaders in the industry

By leveraging technology, our team for virtual design and construction in Kansas facilitates a seamless and uncomplicated construction process. Mobile technology, drone imaging, 360-degree cameras, laser scanners, cloud computing and building information models (BIM) enhance collaboration.

These tools facilitate communication between architectural design intent models from our design partners and construction content models from our trade partners throughout the project’s life cycle, incorporating BIM-based estimates, 3D clash/coordination meetings and BIM-to-Field solutions. We consistently strive to stay at the forefront of technological advancements, ensuring enhanced efficiencies and benefits for our clients.

From Our Technology Experts

McCownGordon Commissioning
Retro-Commissioning at McCownGordon is designed to reduce building energy loss.
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Manufacturing facility interior with equipment, conveyor line and steel tools.
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