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Retro-Commissioning in Kansas

Existing commissioning and retro-commissioning, two terms used interchangeably that refer to bringing an existing building to peak functionality based on current use. This service provides an process that identifies and corrects building inefficiencies that are wasting tens of thousands of dollars annually.


Retro-Commissioning at McCownGordon is designed to reduce building energy loss.

Retro-commissioning helps the owner identify and meet energy efficiency and performance goals through extensive review of the property and benchmarking of comparable properties. 

The problem with energy waste in commercial buildings is that most of the waste is invisible in day-to-day operations (like what happens under the hood of a car). HVAC system design problems, broken dampers or valves, simultaneous heating and cooling and general unwarranted human interaction with temperature controls, all can create significant energy waste.

Retro-commissioning can be the most important building efficiency process implemented for your buildings. These systematic processes provide a detailed engineering evaluation focused on energy savings, with emphasis on low cost or no cost energy saving measures (generally < 2 years simple payback) to combat building waste and identify all measures that meet the long-term plans of the owner.

Retro-commissioning goes beyond day-to-day maintenance by addressing high energy costs and resolving operational problems by conducting a thorough assessment of existing mechanical HVAC systems, lighting, service water systems and automatic controls. 

A McCownGordon Construction associate from the commissioning team examining systems on a job site
Retro-Commissioning in Kansas

Key Benefits

  • Improved Occupant Comfort 
  • Lower Operational Costs 
  • Improve Net Operating Income 
  • Reduced Utility Consumption 
  • Increased Asset Value 
  • Increased Equipment Life Expectancy 
  • Improve Indoor Air Quality 
  • Improved building systems documentation 

Meet the Team

Emily Tilgner, McCownGordon

Emily Tilgner

VP, Building Performance Solutions

Emily Tilgner, McCownGordon

Emily Tilgner

VP, Building Performance Solutions

Emily Leads multiple departments, including our MEP (mechanical, electrical and plumbing), Structural, Commissioning, Sustainability and QAQC teams. She brings a wealth of experience to the team, adding crucial knowledge when it comes to the systems of complex projects. With a long history in design, Emily’s unique perspective helps projects spot potential issues long before they happen.

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Our 5 Step Retro-Commissioning Process

One: Benchmarking & Planning

Two: Investigating & Testing

Three: Analysis & Priorities

Four: Implementation of Savings Measures

Five: Competition & Close-out

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Retro-Commissioning at McCownGordon is designed to reduce building energy loss.
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