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Analyze, Monitor & Optimize

Using technology to continually monitor, track, and measure a buildings operation.

Monitoring-based commissioning involves innovative techniques using technology with analytical & diagnostic algorithms to constantly monitor building equipment & system functionality and performance and identify actual energy savings and performance enhancements in real time. This allows systems operators to make minor changes to regularly optimize efficiency as well as proactively identify issues.

What McCownGordon’s monitoring-based commissioning includes:

  • Utility Analysis
  • Benchmarking
  • Fault Detection & Diagnostics
  • Data Analytics
  • Resource for Building Operators & Maintenance Staff
  • Learn the Building’s Personality
  • System Schedule & Setpoint Optimization
  • Energy Conservation / Efficiency Measures
  • Facility Improvement Measures
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Building efficiency declines over time, increasing your operating costs and negatively impacting equipment life. Adding monitoring-based commissioning as a risk management tool protects your net operating income.

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Monitoring-based Commissioning in Kansas

Key Benefits

  • Minimize Unplanned Downtime
  • Improved Occupant Comfort
  • Reduced Utility Consumption
  • Facility Operator Training
  • Proactive Preventative Maintenance
  • Optimized Building Systems
  • Increased Equipment Life Expectancy
  • Increased Asset Value
  • Improve Indoor Air Quality
  • Improved Building Systems Documentation

Meet the Team

Emily Tilgner, McCownGordon

Emily Tilgner

VP, Building Performance Solutions

Emily Tilgner, McCownGordon

Emily Tilgner

VP, Building Performance Solutions

Emily Leads multiple departments, including our MEP (mechanical, electrical and plumbing), Structural, Commissioning, Sustainability and QAQC teams. She brings a wealth of experience to the team, adding crucial knowledge when it comes to the systems of complex projects. With a long history in design, Emily’s unique perspective helps projects spot potential issues long before they happen.

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McCownGordon provides a thorough commissioning process that prepares buildings for long-term success!

Proper Building Optimization

Taking the time to understand a building’s personality enables us to fine tune the automation systems schedule and operational setpoints, which reduces utility consumption, seasonally validates equipment functionality and performance, and minimizes excessive equipment wear by reducing operational run times.

Warranty Support

By providing monitoring-based commissioning or active management to optimize performance, we are involved during the warranty period, providing additional support to the operations and maintenance staff, to document and correct as many issues as possible while under warranty to save the owner from spending out of pocket.

Technical Advocate

After a building is turned over, the operations and maintenance staff are expected to take over system maintenance. Often times, unexpected issues arise that the staff may not be trained to handle. We remain a resource to equip staff with the information needed for optimal system performance.

Tools & Proactive Maintenance

Through monitoring-based commissioning, we not only verify functional performance and optimize the buildings’ systems, but we also provide and calibrate Fault Detection Diagnostic (FDD) rules as a proactive measure.

Seasonal Testing

When functional testing was done in the middle of cooling or heating season, we verify peak performance in the opposite season to ensure systems are prepped for potential seasonal extremes. We put the system through its full heating and cooling operations and test the in order to identify any areas of improvement when closer to natural conditions.

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