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Lactic and Fermentation Lab Facility

Project Case Study
A confidential client employed the EPC delivery method for the relocation of their Fermentation and Lactic Lab Facility in Nebraska.


Confidential Client


Building Information Modeling
Collaborative Delivery


Blair, NE

The project encompasses a new 9,000-square-foot one-story building, strategically designed to house cutting-edge labs, locker rooms, offices, conference rooms, and break rooms. Engineered with foresight, the project incorporates future expansion considerations for conference rooms, offices, and R&D spaces, ensuring the facility aligns with the client’s evolving needs.

The new building is tailored to accommodate current requirements and positions itself for seamless adaptation to future growth. Currently sharing lab space, the relocation addresses the need for an exclusive facility. The project’s execution demands extensive coordination on an active campus, particularly in utility and process piping tie-ins.

The confidential client’s relocation strategy reflects a commitment to providing an innovative facility and meeting current demands while strategically positioning the company for future growth.

Rendering of a lactic and fermentation lab