Take charge early with CMAR delivery method

When you’re in charge of a construction project for a public institution, design-bid-build may be the delivery method you’re most familiar with. Have you evaluated the benefits and value alternative delivery methods such as construction management at risk (CMAR) can provide to the return on investment? Let’s review what might be going through your head.

    • The Challenge: You want a collaborative construction partner who can drive alignment between all the various stakeholders. You also need a firm who can maximize value and stretch dollars, all while achieving the most optimum schedule and reducing risk to you.
    • The Answer: Construction management at risk is the delivery method of choice to provide the best final product. This method allows for optimum schedule and reduces potential change orders and project schedule overages. More importantly, it reduces risk to and allow each party (owner, architect and contractor) balanced participation in the project direction to work toward a common goal.
    • Next step: Download our Delivery Methods guide to gain an understanding of how CMAR can help you be a good steward of public dollars.


Choosing the right delivery method sets your project up for success.

Project delivery methods, collaborative or not, are the chosen processes for how the project is designed, constructed and delivered. It is one of the most crucial decisions made by owners.

Selecting the right delivery method

  1. Reduces owner risk
  2. Minimizes change orders and schedule overages
  3. Maximizes your investment

While design-bid-build is used often, we believe collaborative project delivery methods, like CMAR, Design-build and Integrated Project Delivery are the most beneficial.

Do you know what delivery method will benefit you the most?

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