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Contractor in Kansas

We prioritize relationships across the board.

We’re your partner and advocate throughout the life of your project.

Selecting McCownGordon for your construction project means aligning with a team that supports you throughout the entire process. Our focus extends beyond basic contractor services in Kansas.

Starting with initial preconstruction stages and continuing through equipment and furnishings delivery, your project’s schedule and budget gain advantages from our expertise.

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Collaboration that makes a difference.

We perceive ourselves not solely as partners for project owners and subcontractors, but as contributors to the entire community. Whenever feasible, we engage local vendors and trade partners within those communities.

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We build relationships first.

Start things off on the right foot.

Our assistance is crafted to have the utmost influence on the constructability of your project. Providing our insights in the initial stages enables us to proactively address potential challenges that may surface later in your project, be it issues like utility mismatches, scheduling conflicts, or anything in the interim.

Respect for the communities.

Our partnership goes beyond the bond with project owners; our company is intentional about investing and engaging in our communities. From establishing scholarships at the universities we work with to advocating for the benefits of your project in city meetings, we go the extra mile.

Collaborating with proven trade partners.

We take a team approach with our trade partners and develop lasting relationships. When possible, our preference is bringing on local trade partners from the communities we’re working in.

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Construction Economic Index Report

The construction market is as volatile as ever, which makes financial planning for new and renovated facilities a challenge. As industry experts, our team regularly tracks construction costs and keeps a pulse on the market for our clients. Our team made a comprehensive, digestible, economic report.

Download The Economic ReportĀ 

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McCownGordon associates talking to trade partners on a construction site
McCownGordon associates collaborating in the office while looking at construction plans

The first thing we build is relationships.

Tell us about how we can help you. We’d love to learn more about your needs or upcoming project to help bring your vision to reality.

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Two McCownGordon associates talking and looking at an ipad on a construction jobsite
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